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Lindsay & Tim — Minted
RSVP's and More Updates to Come!!
Welcome Everyone to our Wedding Website! Please keep checking in from now up to the wedding for any and all updates. Don't forget to submit your RSVP's by Monday, June 20th! We cannot wait to share this special day with you :)




Lindsay and Tim

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Our Love Story

We are a result of incredible match-making skills! Almost 3 months after Lindsay started working at Lockheed Martin, a mutual friend, Annie Franks, had worked her magic and got us both to agree to meeting. That day, there was a fire drill at work and Annie ends up pointing saying “that’s him!” She ends up going to talk to Tim after and comes rushing back saying “He said he’ll message you tonight on Facebook!” By the end of the work day, he did exactly that! We talked all night and continuously since. We had our first date 7 days later on October 18th, 2019 and decided on going to the MOST Museum and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at Destiny USA.

Although we may be opposites, we prove that they attract! Our love and time together the past 2+ years have been nothing short of fun and adventurous. We love the beach and decided on a trip to Clearwater Beach and Orlando the beginning of May of 2021. The original plan for a cruise was changed thanks to the pandemic, but, by the second day at Clearwater Beach, we find ourselves all dressed up on top of a sand bank watching the sun set. It had the tall grass and palm trees to make an incredible scene. As we get to the top, we notice about 15 ft. away was a homeless man in the tall grass covered in a blanket sleeping (so we did have a witness LOL!). After Lindsay snaps a picture, she turns around with the sight of Tim kneeling with a ring box in front of this amazing sunset.

We cannot express how excited and humbled we are to have so many people who love us and are just as excited for the big day. The love we have for each other is strong and everlasting and we cannot wait to share it with you all in July!